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MovaSmart: A practiced literary translation company that unlocks the power of published writings across the world

Literary translation is arguably an extremely demanding activity in the field of language mediation. The reason why it is so valuable is that its focus is not only on communicating the message arising in a foreign language via the native one, thereby bringing to life all the cultural sensitivities of one country for the readers from another, and yet so skillfully presenting it that the overseas readership comes to believe that the translated piece of fiction fits its cultural ideology. Skilled and highly educated linguists from the MovaSmart translation studio have been meeting similar challenging goals for years and overcoming them with resounding enthusiasm.

And we never rest on our laurels! We are steadily enlarging our network. Indeed, we are forever willing to embrace creative, robust and accomplished linguists who will communicate every word to the innermost reaches of the entire globe! Novels, poems, memoirs, romances, narratives, fiction - any piece of literature is within our reach!

Within our dedicated team, we sincerely focus on the greatest possible accuracy, avoiding incorrect factual distortion, and, crucially, concentrating on the original author's intent. These strategies ensure downright communication of the author's message to audiences in as many countries worldwide as ever before. You don't have to personally meet us to work together! Instead, you can request literary translation online right in the comfort of your living room, thereby reducing the time you have to waste on travel. Entrust your tasks to us and we'll handle everything first-hand!

How do we handle literary translation services?


Pre-reading before translation

Before proceeding straight to a literary translation, our language specialist pre-reads carefully every piece of writing. While doing the background research, the translator reviews the author's original style, highlights the cultural aspects of the story, and most especially, discovers the author's underlying ideas.


Rough translation

Once literature information has been compiled and the source text has been subjected to analysis, the linguist sets about translating the text. This is where a rough translation is drafted to be reviewed and revised as appropriate by a master linguist to ensure the finest quality. 


Finalising stage at the translator's part

Here the linguist undertakes the finishing proofreading of the version. They fix and rectify any inaccuracies. Once done, they review the translation results looking at the authors' intentions, the stylistic consistency of the original, and the culturological adaptation to the target audiences.


Editing the literary text

Here, the translation is handed over for further evaluation and revisions to the editor. Initially, the editor verifies the overall translation relevance. The further step is to additionally ensure the compliance with lexical, grammatical and stylistic accuracy. The next level is to follow up by checking the exact reproduction of the authors' ideas and, if appropriate, to introduce stylistic adjustments. The editor advances then with the culturally specific adaptation of the text for the target readership.


Final proofing and typesetting of the literary work

During this latter period, the completed translation is then sent to a proofreader, who does a final check for typos, punctuation and accuracy. The translation is subsequently handed over for typesetting, which is done either as per the client's requirements or according to the source copy.

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How effective we are in numbers?


Efficiently translated literary writings

We are truly proud being effective in literary translations. Taking a dedicated workflow, we cater to the specific demands of each and every our client and communicate the author's story to many cultures around the planet!


Years of translation experience on average

Amongst our team there are truly competent and expert linguists who are no strangers to artistic tricks and language playing. Our creative professionals are not fearful of linguistic and cultural obstacles and are eager to handle any piece of literature!  


Truly competent literary translators and editors are now on board!

We have a steadily expanding network of professionals! Only experienced literary translators who have successfully undertaken test assignments are eligible to work with us!